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  • Usage analytics for readers at your firm, white-label recipients & the broader industry
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Promote strategic thinking

  • Hundreds of news sources yield diverse insights & perspectives
  • Learn what senior industry executives are reading
  • Personalize news at the firm and individual levels
  • Spot industry trends with our original analysis
  • Apprise employees of media mentions via a separate section containing your firm's daily news

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  • White-label newsletters for internal or external distribution (optional)
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Boost sales intelligence

  • Supercharge your CRM with Curatia's analytics via our API
  • Engage with customers more effectively based on articles and topics of interest

Enhance marketing and communications efforts

  • Gauge the popularity of news about your firm & executives
  • Identify top authors on key topics to inform media outreach
  • Monitor the rankings of your firm and executives on our leaderboards
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