Curatia grew out of a genuine need to cut through noisy news cycles and silence the echo chambers of social media.

Launched in 2013, Curatia has steadily grown its readership to include leaders across the finance industry. From exchange executives to fund managers, our subscribers represent some of the most senior decision-makers working in the markets today.

We credit our success to three guiding values:


Curatia is an independently owned and operated business, giving us the freedom to gather news on any topic from any source.


Not all news is created equal. With decades of combined experience in finance and trading, we scrutinize each story for trustworthiness, impact and overall quality.


You won’t find any algorithms lurking under our hood—just a team of hard-working people who understand the nuances of finance news. We pride ourselves on honest, unbiased curation of the best coverage available.

Giving back

Curatia donates 10% of company profits to a rotating list of effective non-profit organizations. In the past we’ve given to organizations including the American Indian College Fund, the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, and the Austin Children’s Shelter.

We also provide free advertising space to nonprofits and charitable causes. Email us for more information.

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