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Up to 10 readers

Our core offering:

  • Daily Brief subscription
  • Daily Brief customization*
  • Archive of 100k+ curated articles
  • In-depth reader analytics
  • Topic and company analytics


Unlimited readers

Value package features, plus:

  • Firm-level readership stats*
  • 1 week of free website advertising
  • 1 week of free email advertising
  • Daily Brief white labeling
  • Full API access
* = Details below

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Key benefits

Daily Brief customization


Disable entire sections of the Daily Brief, choose news from specific categories, and set minimum impact scores for news you want to see.

Firm-level readership stats


Get a deep understanding of your firm's readership at a glance:

  • View most-read articles and topics firm wide or by group/org level
  • Use "Most-read publications" to inform subscription purchases at your firm

Media coverage that matters


Focus your PR and marketing efforts with topic and company dashboards:

  • Answer questions like, “Which authors cover blockchain the most? And is anyone reading them?”
  • Track topics, companies and people that matter to your business.